The armor of meekness

A Christian Science perspective: Recognizing God as the source of good opens our thought to the solutions we need.

Lois Carlson writes:

JANUARY 30, 2017 — A lesson in the value of meekness came from a recent overseas flight. From the time we got on the plane, my seatmate was rummaging through his carry-on, looking for an expensive item he had just bought in an airport shop. His upset reaction forebode a less than pleasant trip for those of us near him.

My prayer on that 14-hour trip was to understand that God gives each of us the comfort and peace we need. I often find such prayer brings out a mental alertness in me, and in this case I suddenly remembered an announcement at the airport gate about a pair of headphones that had been found. So I asked my seatmate if that could be his lost item. But he didn’t seem to hear me. Even when I mentioned it to him a second time, he was so engrossed in his angst that he couldn’t hear me. So finally I raised the question to a flight attendant. She had brought the box on board, sure it belonged to one of the passengers. When she showed it to him, he was amazed and grateful. Everyone was relieved, and from then on he proved to be a humble, cheerful companion.

Surely many of us have been in this situation, being so upset we couldn’t hear the solution at hand. But we all have an innate receptivity to the divine influence that opens thought to the inspiration that brings solutions and enables us to express meekness, protecting us from losing our mental poise. Continue reading »


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