Christian Science Healing

Whether you’re having difficulty with a relationship, a chronic or acute health issue, a financial burden, an ethical dilemma, a lack of purpose or worth, or any other problem, there are healing answers through prayer. Christian Science practitioners know in their hearts and from their experience that “ . . . with God all things are possible”.  (Matthew 19:26).

It is a deep love for God and a profound joy in helping others that motivates a Christian Science practitioner. These men and women are members of the Church who have dedicated themselves to the full time practice of Christian Science healing. Anyone may call upon them for help.

In following the example of Jesus, Christian Science practitioners respond to the full spectrum of human needs with consecrated, disciplined prayer that turns wholeheartedly to God. It is a specific approach to prayer that addresses the underlying fears, doubts, confusion, and discouragement that so often keep us from feeling God’s ever present love and its healing power. This spiritual treatment—unique to Christian Science—is explained fully in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

If you’d like to talk with a practitioner about the possibility of healing in your life, you can contact anyone advertising in The Christian Science Journal. These professionals are not compensated by their churches but paid directly by those individuals employing them on a case by case basis. Feel free to discuss their fees with them before engaging their services. Anything shared with a practitioner is kept confidential.

You can reach practitioners by phone, email, and even some by text. Office visits and home visits can be scheduled, or you can work together remotely. If you do connect with a practitioner, you can look forward to an inspiring visit.


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